Thursday, 17 January 2013

Global data infographic 2012

Let's take a look on our global data for year 2012. The rapid usage of data in a year rises tremendously which estimated to 7.5 ZB/year. That's really means 2013 is the year for more ideas on connecting data and turn them into discover-able and meaningful; and for my prediction, tools to manage and analyze unstructured data can be a great enterprise demand in year 2013.

Friday, 27 July 2012

QRSVP android - Using QR code to share your event

Apart from big fans of peer-to-peer technology, QR code is another that really caught my interest from the first day I saw the matrix barcode. It is read only and its formats vary from contact, web url or latitude till calendar event. If you're like me, the terms "share", "check-in", "tweet" and "post" are appeared in our daily life. Not just because they are generally part of our social network but also navigating us the stream of information, updates, news and photos to you everyday. QRSVP is my concept app that is looking to help "us" to share an event, tag friends to learn about this event and save an event into phone's calendar through the QR code from the posted event. QRSVP is still in initial phase, there are rooms to improve to integrate more social features for hosting/managing an event task. There are 5 initial layouts to post any event, and more will be available soon. Download QRSVP from android market here. I hope you enjoy it.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Introduction to Identivity

Hi all, it has been a long while p2pzon is not updated. This might be a non-P2P related post but I would like to share here. I am still involved in P2P related research all the while (will involve more in a next project), however, the start-up heat is firing among young engineer with an entrepreneur dream. I was not exclude, running a startup is not a mathematics equation where x + y = outcome, it is like a marriage with responsibility and your passion and determination determines how far you can go. I explored software as a service business model - RabbitChemo to offer a chemotherapy treatment as a service.

Mobile apps is a good alternative for software developers to express their talent, passion and portfolio. To develop an ios, android or windows phone app is not really hard (depends on the category), is more on the execution of your idea to make your app a success. Identivity is my first app to fill up my interest in mobile apps and more will be coming in future. Identivity is not a contact book app, is not a business card app, it is developed because I had a bad experience that I need my family member's identity information and I need to call them, write down to my notebook and it isn't well organized. Identivity is an app to help me put all the private information into a source, with a self-design identification card to display all details and of course an extra features of generating QR code from my contact book to share any contact with any friends in an easy manner. Please leave me feedback to improve identivity. Download identivity here.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Simple steps to conduct research

A research newbie may face problems in understanding 2 main questions in research - What is research? What are my directions in conducting this research?

Research is "re-search" which most probably you are doing some stuff that had been implemented before and your role is "re-search" the elements of the domain, find the existing problems that aren't solved yet and propose a possible solution to solve difficulties through scientific proven study.

Research has various requirement and constraint to achieve objectives for different domain. However, generally, below is my own direction in doing research.

1) Problem formulation. We first formulate the problem. What is the existing unsolved problems and current state of art. It is a need to show that the importance of solving the selected problem(s) and search others similar/comparative solution to serve as benchmark for later performance study. Do certain literature review smart by identify the research element that we need to study.

2) Propose solution. What is your new solution and how is it scientifically proven? How do you defend your finding and proposed solution that it is better? Remember to draft a good picture on how your mechanism works and your objectives.

3) Performance study. No matter it is a simulation study or distributed machine study, identify the parameters you want to capture. Make certain assumption on your performance study if required. At last, plan well on displaying your result, either statistically or statement based.

Not every research can be organized as above. However, with experience grows, research becomes easier and funnier for you. Lastly, "Don't be too focus on your result till you forget the process".

Friday, 6 January 2012

Introduce to Share by BitTorrent

This is the first post in year 2012 and it comes to "Share" from BitTorrent. I always have difficulties to share large files via internet, especially my research data which mostly sizing from 1GB and above for one round of network simulation. In addition, even dropbox doesn't solve my problem as well. However, BitTorrent launches Share which really caught my eyes, especially the big panel stating "No Size Limit !". It is always frustrating sending large files to someone over internet, torrent technology did solve this issue years ago but there isn't really a platform/medium available to define personal file sharing. Traditionally, it requires me to create a torrent file using any BitTorrent client software and share to any torrent sharing site (with ISP throttling of torrent traffic, the user experience wasn't great). To be specific, we need a round table for file sharing so that I can specifically share my files with a brunch of colleague and of course offer by cloud computing model but by the nature of p2p, uploading and downloading happen at the same time which can increase the efficiency. It is a hybrid model between cloud and P2P which I like most.

I tried Share by sending a video to my work machine, unfortunately it is half way done and the resulting speed wasn't ideal. Now, the application was not showing the normal interface but only grey background with a grey facebook feedback button on the right. I will tried this application again this weekend and see if I can grabbed more information for users to know how to utilize this application for personal large files sharing.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Google censors torrent list

According to TorrentFreak, Google is now extending its censorship till pirate bay, isohunt, 4shared and more. I tried to search, the auto-complete and instant search filter all the term and even item list from the search bar. I was impressed by Google's instant search ability and they engineer the search very well. This censorship doesn't affect on user's search query for torrent file or tracker site as these site are still indexed (So, how to define censorship as search engine doesn't block the results?). However, sites that rely on user population and unique visitors may face disadvantage from that, the number of page view might reduce.  However, the torrent sharing hub in Asia is still actively sharing and searching for content of the copyright items. China, in particularly,, (just to name a few), mostly power by Xunlei BitTorrent client are providing a strong content search to find whatever relevant content that can be found. The positive side is the hub is growing and maintaining strong user traffic in searching for content. Let's see what can torrent content provider site counter against the search engine censorship.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

uTorrent dives into Smartphones and Consoles

The latest release of uTorrent is now supports multi platform integration where we can actually sync our downloaded stuff to a number of devices. The devices which are supported include iPhone, Ipad, PS3, Xbox and Android. This news comes from TorrentFreak recent article which reported that users can transfer their downloaded files to a device plus the feature of converting them into an appropriate format. However this feature is only available for premium uTorrent users only which means BitTorrent (company that owns uTorrent) is trying to make money out of this feature. Well, I think this is probably one of their coming monetization method (as I said before, BitTorrent needs a new monetization model instead of relying on plugins/toolbar/search only). There are a number of files transfer client/server software available for the devices mentioned above (e.g. AirVideo for converting/streaming video from your PC and the easiest way I find is using dropbox/sugarsync/SK sync to sync the files), but if you appear to be a hardcore BitTorrent downloder, you might find this new integration of uTorrent is useful and definitely a good idea to kick off the adoption of BitTorrent in multiple platform and devices in future. Whether you are excited or not, I am one of the user who really like device integration.

Device Integration panel. Pick your preferable device for synchronization  of files.

Media conversation feature. 

Ipad integration, requires to open iTune for files synchronization.