Sunday, 25 September 2011

uTorrent dives into Smartphones and Consoles

The latest release of uTorrent is now supports multi platform integration where we can actually sync our downloaded stuff to a number of devices. The devices which are supported include iPhone, Ipad, PS3, Xbox and Android. This news comes from TorrentFreak recent article which reported that users can transfer their downloaded files to a device plus the feature of converting them into an appropriate format. However this feature is only available for premium uTorrent users only which means BitTorrent (company that owns uTorrent) is trying to make money out of this feature. Well, I think this is probably one of their coming monetization method (as I said before, BitTorrent needs a new monetization model instead of relying on plugins/toolbar/search only). There are a number of files transfer client/server software available for the devices mentioned above (e.g. AirVideo for converting/streaming video from your PC and the easiest way I find is using dropbox/sugarsync/SK sync to sync the files), but if you appear to be a hardcore BitTorrent downloder, you might find this new integration of uTorrent is useful and definitely a good idea to kick off the adoption of BitTorrent in multiple platform and devices in future. Whether you are excited or not, I am one of the user who really like device integration.

Device Integration panel. Pick your preferable device for synchronization  of files.

Media conversation feature. 

Ipad integration, requires to open iTune for files synchronization.

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