Friday, 25 November 2011

Google censors torrent list

According to TorrentFreak, Google is now extending its censorship till pirate bay, isohunt, 4shared and more. I tried to search, the auto-complete and instant search filter all the term and even item list from the search bar. I was impressed by Google's instant search ability and they engineer the search very well. This censorship doesn't affect on user's search query for torrent file or tracker site as these site are still indexed (So, how to define censorship as search engine doesn't block the results?). However, sites that rely on user population and unique visitors may face disadvantage from that, the number of page view might reduce.  However, the torrent sharing hub in Asia is still actively sharing and searching for content of the copyright items. China, in particularly,, (just to name a few), mostly power by Xunlei BitTorrent client are providing a strong content search to find whatever relevant content that can be found. The positive side is the hub is growing and maintaining strong user traffic in searching for content. Let's see what can torrent content provider site counter against the search engine censorship.

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